(Lonicera periclymenum)

The wild yellow Honeysuckle growing in our hedgerows possesses very strong healing properties.  It is different to the variety used to make Bach essences.  The essence is made with the sun method using only the flowers and it is a component of Sadness & Loneliness.

It has an exquisite scent which is strongest in the late evening.  This essence is included in the Sadness composite to encourage us to make our fragrance known to others.  Sadness and loneliness isolate us from other people.  We turn inwards and become increasingly closed to the positive aspects of the world around us.  Honeysuckle encourages change at a subtle level, so we become more approachable to others.  The barriers to the outside world that we erect during periods of sadness and loneliness are natural, but unfortunately are often very counter-productive.  All too often we fail to appreciate just how withdrawn we may appear to other people.  Honeysuckle helps ease the pain in the heart, enabling us to open up to the world around us.  Through this opening up, loving help will often flow in our direction because we then appear far less defensive.  

Honeysuckle has three properties in particular that make it a key part of the Sadness remedy.  First, it brings ease and comfort to our hearts, reinforcing the action of Dog Rose.  Second, it helps us to pull down over-protective barriers that we may have erected between ourselves and the world around us.  Finally, like the fragrant Honeysuckle, our own fragrance will be carried out into the world and those positive qualities will attract love and healing towards us.

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