Lily Of The Valley

Convallaria majalis
For yearning. For those who have become blocked by desiring the unattainable.
This is the essence for yearning, for those who desire things that are unattainable. Perhaps they are in love with someone and those feelings are not returned. Perhaps they yearn to experience contact with the “spiritual” planes and the search has proved fruitless.
It is like searching for the Holy Grail and never finding it, however hard we try. Behind the yearning there is a sense of desperation and of being incomplete until the object of desire is achieved. It is like a heart burn that will not go away. The answer lies in giving up the search! Things will then begin to resolve themselves. Emotional searching only blocks the process. In effect, things have been seen back-to-front. It has been likened to playing hide-and-seek with Truth.
Lily of the Valley helps to create “the empty cup” so that what we truly need can find the space within us and enter in. It is about learning to trust the forces that created us in the first place.

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