Mediterranean Sage

Salvia fruticosa
For the Earth qualities of warmth, comfort and wisdom.
Helps to catalyze insight from a firm earthed base. This essence represents all that is powerful within the element of Earth. It mirrors the energy and wisdom of the Earth Mother. It helps us to become firmly rooted in the material world. Such “earthing” is vital if we are to raise our consciousness to other levels of perception.
Mediterranean Sage has deep roots and it brings to us that same quality of steadfastness and dependability. It manages to grow where there seems to be little to nourish it. It thus has very close links with the earth and its inner wisdom. Sage has always been linked with wisdom, but the flower essence made from plants growing in wild mountainous areas has additional qualities. This essence brings warmth and comfort as well as quiet wisdom. Wisdom arises from an interaction between insight and experience.
Experience is vital: without it, insight is just information that may or may not be correct. True wisdom is that which has been proved (i.e. tested) in the “furnace of adversity” of life. Deep within us there is a legacy of this wisdom which can be awakened. Sage can catalyze and speed up this process. The insights it brings can awaken deep inner strengths so that we can remain unmoved and at peace, even through major traumas.
Sage essence also reflects the quality of stillness. The Earth element is very still, acting as a firm base for the other elements. Sage can help us to mirror this stillness within our own beings, so that we can safely venture into other realms of reality. It acts as a stable yet shimmering interface between different levels of consciousness.

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