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Tropaeolum majus
For those who know that they need to make changes in their life but seem to be unable to make the first move.
This is for those who know that they need to make changes in their life. They may wish to do so, yet they feel unable to make the first move to start the change process. Somehow there always seems to be something that prevents them from getting started. There are two factors needed for the change process to start and Nasturtium helps with both of them. The first is that of having sufficient energy to initiate the change. The second is a recognition of the need to let go of the attitudes and fears that will otherwise inhibit the change process. In fact it is usually this latter factor that is the key problem.
For some people, guilt feelings or fears about the changes in personal status will almost certainly occur. For others there will be fears of having to come up-front and accept a more responsible role in life. Nasturtium helps us to accept different future roles in life. It helps us to accept the challenge of change and to view such change with lightness and positivity rather than fear or dread. Nasturtium encourages change, growth and a whole new future.

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