Quercus robur

This is of great help where there is confusion, an over-active mind, or a lack of inner strength.

When we feel buffeted about by the world we can easily feel confused, lacking the courage of our own convictions. Under these circumstances the quality we need is that of being rooted, yet maintaining a broad overview of what is going on.

This is the quality of Wood in the Chinese Five Elements. It is therefore not surprising that it is the flowers of the English Oak that are so appropriate for treating this condition.

Oak helps us to feel at home in the world whilst maintaining a quiet overview of what is going on around us. It supports us in developing a quiet inner strength so that, like the oak tree, we will not easily be overturned by opposing forces. We become strong and resilient.

From this strong viewpoint we can then watch the world with quiet amusement, seeing, perhaps in amazement, just how seriously many people take themselves. It teaches us not to react against the world, but to act with freedom on the circumstances around us. We are then no longer imprisoned by old reaction patterns that can so often disempower us.

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