Oriental Poppy

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Papaver somniferum
For those who have a dependency on a substance, person or situation.
This poppy started growing in our greenhouse all on its own, a “Gift from the Gods” as it were, as it does not grow nearby. It seemed as if it was not just a coincidence, but rather that it had a message, properties that needed my attention. The poppy is incredibly beautiful, and the extracts from it can be very helpful for extreme pain.
The message that came to me was that this essence can break up addictive dependence, indeed act in the opposite direction of taking too much poppy extract. So often we can “sleep-walk” into dependant situations, whether it is with people, situations or what we take into our bodies. What seems to be stimulating or innocuous may well have deeply hidden traps for the unwary. Oriental Poppy helps us to wake up to what has been happening to us and then to ease our way out of the dependencies that have arisen.
Its actions can be enhanced by giving Welsh Poppy and Red Poppy at the same time - the first to help us to wake up and the second to energize the change process.

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