Pink Purslane

Montia siberica
For those needing to expand their horizons and leave behind the limitations of the past.
Many of us grow up with views of the world that are heavily influenced by the attitudes of our parents, teachers and peers. These may or may not be fallacious. In any case they are views inherited by others, not gained from our own experience and insight. Such knowledge can be deeply flawed, yet human nature is such that our conscious mind will readily paper over the cracks so that we remain unaware of the flaws. This is why so many people grow up accepting in the religious and political views of their parents.
Pink Purslane gently allows us to evaluate our belief structures from a point of insight and compassion. It is never easy to admit that the things that we have clung to for so long may just not be true. That is why self-compassion is needed and this beautiful small pink flower radiates that energy very powerfully. Seeing ourselves and our beliefs with true insight could be a pretty frightening experience.
Pink Purslane lovingly helps us to steadily loosen our grip until we finally realize that all we were clinging to were illusions that we have now outgrown. It is a flower of freedom. It helps us to find new and wider horizons and richer and more fulfilling ways of living. It is gentle yet very persistent!

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