Sacred Lotus

Nelumbo nucifera
A powerful essence to open up the Heart to the love of the Universe and the Divine.
This beautiful flower encourages the blossoming of personal growth. It helps to open the heart to the love of the Universe and the Divine. Many people seek knowledge of the divine, the force that lies behind everything in the universe. To try to understand it they have called it by names such as God, Allah, Nirvana, The Great Spirit, etc. The trouble with all such names is that people then try to interpret the name in ways that they can understand.
The Sacred Lotus is well named. It helps to open our heart to the ultimate reality, by whatever name you might wish to call it. This is a powerful essence yet it will not do the bidding of the ego. It allows us to develop at a safe pace. If we try to open up to higher levels of consciousness too rapidly, we may well become distressed and confused.
There is a saying in the East, “Softly softly catchee monkey”. We need to remember this and not be too impatient in our spiritual development. All flowers take time to grow and our blossoming comes from living in the physical earth. Like the Lotus we first need to be rooted firmly in the Earth plane before we can safely start growing towards the light.
Like all flower essences, the intelligence within the essence knows what we need at any particular time. We cannot force progress. This essence encourages the flowering of our personal growth. It opens us up to the love of the infinite and at the same time helps us to re-radiate that love to the world around us.

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