Spring Squill

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Scilla verna
For freedom after breakthrough.
Helps us to soar like a bird, finding our own true path in limitless space. For those who are breaking through to new freedoms - the “Jonathan Livingstone Seagulls” of this world. These are the ones who are finding joy in realizing that they really can be free, where previously they had been limited by old ideas and concepts.
Sometimes this transition is difficult. There may be pressure from family, peer groups, friends, etc. who find the new ways very threatening and who may try nearly anything to prevent or reverse the change. Those breaking through into new freedoms often need support for their vulnerable self-confidence. It can seem quite lonely, flying in freedom, apparently alone.
Spring Squill, relating as it does to the Crown Chakra, can assist in this. From the viewpoint of freedom, the world is then seen as it is: an amazing workshop for emerging souls. Without that insight, our fears and attitudes may well paint it as a dark and fearsome place, to endure or to escape from.
Spring Squill helps us to see more widely and deeply into the true nature of reality. This remedy is most effective when other major blockages (particularly at the heart centre) have been eased. Only when the groundwork has been done can a person begin to fly in freedom.

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