White Cherry

Prunus Taihaku
This essence helps past negative influences to lose their grip and be dissipated.
This essence reaches deep into our being. It allows us to free ourselves from old patterns and negative influences from the past. From time to time all of us find ourselves in the grip of some emotion that has its roots in the long-distant past. Treating the emotion does not however solve the problem, unless the cause is removed, the emotional reaction will recur. This particular White Cherry assists us by dissolving the old cellular memories that are behind our difficulties. These deeply rooted patterns from the past are imprinted in all our cells, hence the instantaneous shock that can accompany some of these old energies when they are triggered. In a strange way it is as if we are possessed by them.
White Cherry acts by gradually loosening the attachment to these old patterns until they finally dissipate - having been healed we are no longer bound to them. This essence therefore has powerful cleansing and healing properties for old unresolved memory patterns.

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