Wood Anemone

Anemone nemorosa
For use where there are very old difficulties - genetic or karmic.
For problems where the roots are very old, often before birth. Some of these may well be karmic. “Acting completely out of character” can be an indication of this state. Where there are deep-rooted psychic problems, this is often the best remedy to start with. Sometimes people blame others for “psychic attack” without realizing that they themselves may unwittingly have taken part in the process.
There can be deep feelings of guilt and fear in such people, even though they have no idea why they are feeling fearful or guilty. Wood Anemone helps to clear these old blocked areas, illuminate them and so resolve the old tension patterns. Because of their very old origins, karmic problems have gained the reputation of being difficult to eradicate. In fact, if we deal with any problem as it arises in this lifetime, any past difficulties will be resolved at the same time. It is in the present, not in the past, that we can rebalance our lives.
As the constrictions become less pronounced, it becomes easier for us to perceive them. In seeing them and seeing how they affect our lives negatively, it becomes much easier to leave their influence behind.
Monk’s Hood can often be helpful when used at the same time.

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