Chakra Set 30ml Roll-0ns.

This set is made up of the 7 chakras

First Chakra(Base):  located at the base of the sacrum.  It manifests as the adrenal glands and governs the kidneys and spinal column.  This centre channels the energies that govern the well being of the person.

Second Chakra(Sacral):  located at the base of the lumbar spine.  It manifests as the reproductive system.  It relates to romantic needs, how we relate to our feelings and share with others.

Third Chakra(Solar Plexus):  located just below the diaphragm and corresponds to the pancreas, stomach and gall bladder.  This centre is the clearing house for all energies below the diaphragm before they rise to the higher centres.  It governs how we present ourselves to the world and displays our outward vitality.  It is the seat of our lower will or ego.

Fourth Chakra(Heart ):  located between the shoulder blades and governs the thymus.  It regulates the heart, blood and circulatory system and has a strong influence over the nervous system.  It is the gateway to the higher self and is where we hold pain and sadness.  Through this center we learn to radiate the energies of love emanating from the soul.

Fifth Chakra(Throat):  located in the region of the firs dorsal vertebra at the base of the neck.  It focuses on the thyroid but also governs the lungs,  vocal and bronchial apparatus and the alimentary canal.  The higher creative faculties of man are expressed through this centre.

Sixth Chakra(The Brow):  located between the eyebrows and externalizes as the pituitary gland.  It governs the lower brain and nervous system, nose and left eye which relates to the lower self or personality.  this centre expresses idealism and imagination.  Facilitates inner vision.

Seventh Chakra(Crown):  located at the top of the head and governs the pineal gland.  Its focal point is the spiritual will to be and governs the upper brain and right eye.  It contains counterparts of all 7 chakras.


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