Goddess Meadow

Give a warm welcome to our brand new line of Spring inspired pure essential oil blends to help lift up your spirits, cleanse your home of negativity and stale air, and help to ward off the chill with the promise of flower buds and fresh blooms of the near future.

Goddess Meadow is a blend of pure essential oils of: Jasmine 5% Infusion in Jojoba & Pink Grapefruit.

Backed by popular demand we have turned Goddess Meadow, which is the scent profile of our best-selling massage oil, into an essential oil blend for you to enjoy in a diffuser or your own self-care products. Goddess Meadow is sweet, sultry and vibrant and it instantly perks up the senses. This luxurious blend will take your breath away in a state of peace and tranquility. It is the perfect blend to fill the air with the taste of Springtime, and to help inspire focus and help you to stay grounded.

Goddess Meadow is light, fresh, awakening and invigorating and is the absolute perfect blend to help motivate you to look forward for the brilliant spring days ahead.

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