Irish Cream Coffee

This incredibly unique essential oil blend is one of a kind, and is a coffee lovers dream. We have captured the delicious experience of waking up over the holidays and pouring some Irish Cream Liqueur into your morning cup of java. We sure do love coffee ourselves, and Irish Cream makes everything taste better. 

Some people go for a mimosa on Christmas morning, and others go for an Irish Cream Coffee. We wanted to make sure to capture the vital flavours of the holidays, even the ones that are not always thought of as being Christmas related. We are here to support the folks who crave a little Irish Cream Liqueur in the morning but need to be productive... Enjoy the delicious aromas of your favourite drink without any of the guilt. 

This blend can be added to your diffuser, added to bath bombs, soaps, creams, salves, unscented liquid soap, and so much more. It can also be applied directly to skin, as it has vanilla infused in jojoba oil in it already.

This pure essential oil blend is part of our Winter Wonderland Collection, and will be available in a set of 12 festive essential oil blends that you can enjoy all winter long.

This blend contains: Arabica coffee, vanilla 3% infusion in jojoba oil, cocoa bean absolute, benzoin resin, sweet orange, cassia, pink grapefruit, and cardamom

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