Cedarwood Virginia

Scientific Name:  Juniperus virginia

Country of Origin:  USA

Synonyms:  Red cedar, Eastern red cedar, Southern red cedar, Bedford cedarwood(oil)

Plant Family:  Cupressaceae

Plant Parts Used:  timber waste, sawdust, shavings etc.

Extraction Method:  Distillation

Physical Characteristics:  Pale yellow or orange oily liquid

Dominant Note(s):  Base  

Aroma:  Mild sweet-balsamic, pencil-wood scent

Main Constituents:  Up to 80% cedrene, cedrol 93-14% and cedranol among others.

Blends With:  Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Melissa, Neroli, Orange, Petitgrain, Rosemary and Verbena

Safety Precautions:  Can cause acute local irritation externally, use in dilution only with great care.  Powerful abortifacient:  avoid during pregnancy.

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