Green Dog Spray™

Pet freshening spray
Our 20+ years experience in working with essential oils and other botanicals has led to the creation of our new Green Dog™ pet freshening spray. This water-based product consists of mild but effective plant extracts called hydrosols which are aromatic by-products of the essential oil distillation process. Hydrosols are composed of the water soluble components of essential oils at about 0.5% concentration. They retain the therapeutic values of their respective plants. They are also mildly acetic and therefore astringent in their action.
Green Dog™ contains Lavender and Chamomile hydrosols along with a calming flower essence combination developed by the English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, back in the 1930’s. This blend is very gentle in its aroma and calming action without side effects.
Use between grooming sessions to freshen your pet. Helps to deodorize and neutralize doggy smell. Just spray over coat, but do not spray in pet’s eyes. Green Dog™ has a pleasant Lavender and Chamomile scent. It also acts to gently soothe skin rashes.

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