The Rose Knows Decadent Moisturizer

Available in 100ml moisturizer mist and 10ml travel size roll on.

"Rose is probably the first essential oil ever distilled from a flower (10th century Persia). Also called ""The Queen of Oils"", it is known for its excellence in skincare. Although useful for all skin types, it's especially suited to dry and mature skin.

This formula is fortified with Pure essential oils of Rosewood, Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Elemi, Lavender and Rose.

Rosewood for dry, mature or sensitive skin
Rose Geranium for its soothing properties
Palmarosa for its hydrating abilities
Elemi tones and rejuvenates
Lavender soothes and stimulates natural cell growth
Warning: Rose oil is a reputed aphrodisiac."

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