Shadow Descent

 Bulbophyllum spiesii

Shadow Descent may be regarded as a cousin to Shadow Warrior (which botanically it is). Shadow Warrior is one of the most important essences in our line, because it helps to bring the shadow aspect of the psyche back into a certain balance within the overall psychological framework. Shadow Descent then takes one on a further, and vital step: that of becoming more familiar with and even accepting of one's shadow side.

Society normally asks us to avoid the shadow, and thereby all sorts of trouble is created. Avoiding or ignoring the shadow makes it grow stronger. The wisdom of Shadow Descent is in knowing that the very process of becoming familiar and at ease with one's shadow aspect is also to bring about re-integration of the whole of the psyche, thereby strengthening the light of the soul. The shadow elements very naturally weaken by this process, and we emerge far healthier.

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