Phragmipedium Sorcerer's Apprentice

Acts in part as an emotional & energetic spam filter, enabling one to disregard some of the myriad demands on one's attention, to create a self-protective space around one, through which the choice of energetic entries is under direct control. Sorcerer's Apprentice also acts as an energy regulator, to help adjust the body's energy reserves so that we avoid becoming drained.

This essence was originally made by Don about 14 years ago, in his first year of essence-making. It never became a part of the LTOE range, as he gave the mother tincture to Shabd-Sangeet Khalsa, and she then sold it under the name "Sacred Sphere" as part of her Dancing Light Orchid Essences range. Don has always felt a special connection with this phragmipedium hybrid, and this summer one of two fine plants in the greenhouse called out to make an essence again.

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