Living Tree Orchid Essences Photo Cards

These cards have been a great hit with our customers!
The size of standard playing cards, each set has 55 cards which fit easily in a purse or handbag, and their size makes them easy to carry around. Beautifully finished, the cards feel good in the hand, and are easy to use. There are numerous ways to work with or use these cards. In effect they are tools for the intuition, and therefore we know that there are myriad ways to use them. But one very effective method is to quietly flip through the cards, and notice which cards appeal to you most strongly, or create an especially strong response. Read the information for that orchid or that combination, and you may see reasons why you were drawn to it. Work with that essence or essences for a few days or a week. Or have all the cards upside down on a table, and pick one or two with the eyes closed, and see what gentle wisdom the orchids wish to offer you today.
Download card images - Set No. 1 PDF (2.5Mb)
Download card images - Set No. 2 PDF (2.9Mb)

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