Myrrh Resin

** Note** Extremely viscous oil, much thicker than Myrrh Dark

Scientific Name: Commiphora myrrha

Country of Origin:  India

Synonyms: Balsamodendron myrrha, gum myrrh, common myrrh, hirabol myrrh, myrrha.

Plant family:  Burseraceae

Plant Parts Used:  Trunks and branches

Extraction Method:  Solvent extraction of the crude myrrh

Physical Characteristics:  Dark reddish brown very viscous liquid

Aroma:  Spicy-balsamic odour

Main Note:  Base

Main Constituents: Monoterpene and Sesqueterpene: 62 - 67%

Blends With: Frankincense, sandalwood, benzoin, oakmoss, cypress, juniper, mandarin, geranium, patchouli, thyme, mints, lavender, pine and spices.

Safety Precautions: Non-irritant, non-sensitizing, possibly toxic in high concentration.  Not to be used during pregnancy.

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