Scientific Name:  Commiphora erythraea

Country of Origin:  East Africa, Ethiopia, 

Synonyms: C. erythraea var. glabrascens, bisabol myrrh, sweet myrrh

Plant Family:  Burseraceae

Plant Parts Used:  tree, branches etc.

Extraction Method:  Steam distillation from the resin.

Physical Characteristics: An orange, yellow or olive liquid 

Dominant Note(s):  Middle to base note

Aroma: with a sweet-balsamic, spicy warm, animal-like odour.

Principle Constituents: The crude contains resins, gums(50-80 %) and essential oils (10-20%) notably the sesquiterpene 'bisabolen' and sesquiterpene alcohols.

Safety Data: Frequently adulterated - it is more expensive than the 'hirabol myrrh'.  The commercial resinoid is also usually mixed with a solvent such as myristate, because it is otherwise unpourable at room temperatures.

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